The Leas, Minster on Sea

Sheerness ME12 2NL
Open everyday 8am to 11:30pm

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We hold regular Functions and buffets and cater to your every need. from weddings to wakes we can create the best function to suit you.

Prices may vary depending on the amount of people and what you order so give us a call or come in to book.

The Playa Buffet Menu

option 1: Approx £6.95 per head

  • A selection of sandwiches

  • dressed salad

  • potato salad

  • coleslaw

  • sausage rolls and other small pastries

  • crisps

  • assorted nuts

option 2: Approx £10.95 per head

All of the above plus;

  • Homemade chicken curry or chilli con carne with rice

  • homemade quiche


option 3: Approx £15.95 per head

All of the above plus;

  • Italian pasta salad

  • Mixed seafood platter

  • French bread and butter

option 4: Approx £15.95

  • A selection of hand carved meats

  • roast and new potatoes

  • Mixed vegetables

  • Yorkshire puddings

  • Rich gravy

All buffets include tea and coffee